​​​​​​​Pharmacad - A specialized coaching institute that trains and grooms pharmacy students to face professional entrance exams. Their USP lies in their niche targeting of Pharmacy students who want to pursue higher studies in India or Abroad and a tailor made program for all of its students. It is a one stop solution for all the Pharmacy students planning to make a career in this massive industry.

Dr.(Mrs) Anuradha Majumdar

Associate Professor, Bombay College of Pharmacy. Mumbai.

PHARMACAD I believe, is the first of its kind institute providing intensive and grueling coaching to pharmacy students: ensuring that they are well turned out for various postgraduate entrance exams. Their thrust on experiential learning helps bridge the gap between what ought to be taught in pharmacy colleges and what actually is! The professional counseling and guidance offered here is something that helps students make the right career choices. I wish Pharmacad all the very best. 

Dr.(Mrs) Alka Mukne, Ph.D (Tech)

Associate Professor,Bombay College of Pharmacy, Mumbai. 


In the wake of competitive entrance examinations and professional courses, students are gripped by an "All India Phenomenon" called Coaching Institutes. With a growth rate of 35% in the past 6 years coaching is no longer an option but a necessity for students. Pharmacad has stood out and made its name in the industry. They have served  their students with the best possible personalized attention. Pharmacad has taken a step forward b helping students prepare for the most competitive exams like GPAT , NIPER and for Pharma MBA. Enroll with Pharmacad and be rest assured to have a wonderful career, because your career will be in great hands. 

Mr. Sujit Mandot

Sr. Product Manager

​Macleods Pharma.

The world is getting more and more competitive and students are getting more and more confused about their career choices. In this competitive world full of confused students, PHARMACAD is the torchbearer leading and guiding the students, educating them to make tough career choices. The best part of this academy is that the young minds are training the raw minds and the lectures are full of energy. I would recommend all the pharmacy students to join PHARMACAD for the right kind  of guidance for the professional choices after B.PHARM.

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Mr. Elvis Martis
                                                                                            PhD Student(Bombay College of Pharmacy)

Pharmacad, in my opinion, is a pioneer institution that helps several pharmacy students to achieve their ultimate career goal. With the involvement of esteemed professors, Pharmacad reaches a higher level of professional coaching, counselling, industrial and academic training. WIth the growing boundaries of pharmacy as a profession, Pharmacad provides a strong platform to prepare the students for a wider range of opportunities. Good Luck, Pharmacad.

Mrs. Ankita Craiciu

Clinical Pharmacist - PHARMASAVE (CANADA)
     B.Pharm (Bombay College of Pharmacy)


​​Pharmacad is a one of it's kind institute. It lives up to its motto of developing pharmacists and helping them choose the right career. Exposure given to the students of industrial equipment and other allied courses of pharmacy will make them aware about the plethora of opportunities that lie ahead. Pharmacad has just come at the right time, when the industry is in need of quality pharmacists.
Good Luck - Pharmacad.

Mr. Karvin Mehta
M.Pharma (MGV's Pharmacy College Nasik)
Director, Fibrocast Composite Pvt Ltd.


Pharmacad has been established to make an attempt to change the orthodox mindset related to the profession of Pharmacy. 

Several students join pharmacy without any real knowledge about the field and the plethora of opportunities that lie ahead. During the 4 year tenure, maximum time is utilized in completing journals and trying to score high marks due to which the students fail to understand the nucleus of the subject resulting in a poor foundation. Pharmacad has taken a foot forward in order to make an attempt to change the traditional mindset of the society. The attempt is to make pharmacy a first choice career by strengthening the foundation and making students aware about the broader horizon, thus helping them to make better career choices resulting in an overall change of perception about pharmacy. 

Professional Coaching For:

  • GPAT - M.Pharma Entrance 
  • NIPER - MS/Pharma MBA Entrance
  • CMAT/CAT/MH-CET/NMAT - Pharma MBA Entrance
  • Mumbai University Semester Pattern

I am a pharmacist and i am proud to be one.

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Confused with what happens during and after B.Pharmacy??PHARMACAD provides a one stop solution for every individual who wishes to make a career in Pharmacy.   

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About Us - From the Founders' Desk.

Team Pharmacad.

All PHARMACAD teachers are qualified personnel with direct exposure to the industry, thus augmenting Industrial experience with academics.